Absence from School

Parents are asked to telephone the school (01452 526442) or send a Class Dojo to your child’s teacher to explain every absence. Parents are legally obliged to make a written Absence Request (available from school office) for permission for a child to be absent from school during term-time for, for example, medical or dental appointments or a family holiday. If the school has concerns about pupils’ attendance, the School Attendance Officer will follow these up.

If a child becomes ill at school, we must be able to contact parents, or another emergency contact, and so it is important that parents keep us up to date with changes in telephone numbers, contacts etc.

Should a child become ill during school they will be referred to a qualified first aider.  Parents will be asked to collect their child from school if necessary if the pupil cannot access learning.

However, if your child catches a cold or infection, please keep him or her off school to avoid the infection spreading to other children (and staff) in the class.  This is especially important when a child has a tummy bug such as vomiting or diarrhoea.  In this case, children should be clear of symptoms for 48 hours before they return to school.

It is school policy not to administer medicines of any kind to pupils, unless these have been prescribed, are clearly labelled, and accompanied by written instructions from parents.

Where your child receives regular or emergency medication, consent for administration will be given annually when you complete the consent form.

Where a first aider has been in attendance to your child during the school day a note will be sent home advising you of this. It is the parents’ responsibility to ensure that children who are ill do not attend school.


Permission may be given for family holidays in term time at the discretion of the Head teacher. You will need to complete an absence request form and return it to school, giving a reasonable period of notice. There will be a face to face meeting with a Senior Member of staff to discuss the request.


Absence Request Form